Fanfare: « Larderet’s work have been unanimously positive! »

The Fanfare Magazin’s  (USA) article regarding Vincent Larderet’s last CD dedicated to Debussy  is absolutely fantastic:


…  » This is a stunningly played recital of two of Debussy’s most familiar cycles and a world premiere of pianist Vincent Larderet’s expansion of André Caplet’s piano reduction of Debussy’s incidental music to Grabriele D’Annunzio’s Le Martyre de saint Sébastian. Reviews in these pages of Larderet’s previous work have been unanimously positive. Peter Burwasser recently (40:4) grouped him with Pollini, Brendel, and Badura-Skoda as “masterful technicians and intellectual[s].” John Bell Young wrote (39:3) that Larderet “has blossomed into a great pianist indeed.” And Colin Clarke (35:5) described his playing as “gripping and multitimbred.” I will add that it is full of vivid colors, subtle rubato, and an equal affinity for the contemplative and the virtuosic aspects of Debussy’s writing. And sound technician Manfred Schumacher has captured the Steinway D on which this recital was recorded in a rich, luscious acoustic that highlights Larderet’s warm tone production…  »

Please read more here Fanfare May June 2018 V.LARDERET Debussy Centenary-1