Ensemble Metamorphosis

« Remaining faithful to its program orientations, the ensemble Metamorphosis continues
to establish itself as a modern and extremely flexible music group opened to new
experiences and innovative approaches to stage expression.

In the hands of their artistic director Saša Mirković, viola gets a whole new
meaning, and not only as a solo instrument but much deeper – it becomes a source of
energy for his colleagues who always stand out as an inseparable parameter of his success. Therefore, Saša Mirković should be appreciated for many reasons, but perhaps
above all because he tirelessly makes excellent performances with newly, sometimes
receptive, but always quality programs. « 
Ana Ćirica, music editor and the speaker for Radio Belgrade 2
(Radio Belgrade 2, Ars sonora, Mart, 2016)

In February 2017, Ensemble Metamorphosis has been awarded the prestigious annual award for the best orchestra in 2016, by Muzika Klasika Magazine.

Since it was founded in 2005 the Belgrade Ensemble Metamorphosis has positioned itself on classical music scenes as an exciting group offering superb and innovative interpretations of the classical repertoire as well as Serbian music by local and international contemporary composers. From building careful and metered meditative atmospheres, to lively virtuoso sections, and powerful, furious crescendi, the orchestra confidently and decidedly
brings a vast palette of colors and emotion.

Metamorphosis usually performs without a conductor, led by charismatic and energetic Saša Mirković. When needed, the original lineup can be extended by other instruments, electronic and scenic elements.

From its first days, the ensemble collaborates with Goran Bregović within the projects Orchestra for weddings and funerals, My Heart has become Tolerant, Alcohol, and Memoirs of Queen Margot, on tours and in festivals in the world’s most famous concert halls (Toulouse Theatre, Essen Philharmonic, Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln center, Disney Hall, Sydney Opera House, the Palace of music…).

Promoting contemporary Serbian music of diverse esthetics has remained the ensemble’s mission. The orchestra has so far premiered more than 80 new works, dedicated to the ensemble and its leader. Its repertoire includes works created by Milan Mihajlović, Dragan Jovanović, Milica Đorđević, Ana Gnjatović, Marko, Aleksić, Aleksandra Vrebalov, Ana Milosavljević, Zoran Erić, Draško Adžić, Irena Popović, Vladimir Pejković, Nataša Bogojević, Vuk Kulenović, Vladimir Tošić, Vladimir Trmčić, Stevan, Kovach Tickmayer, Svetlana Savić, Tatjana Milošević, Vlasimir Trajković, Anja Đorđević, Branka Popović, Predrag Repanić, Anica Sabo, Aleksandar Sedlar, Ivan Stefanović and many others.

In recent years, the ensemble has performed successfully at important festivals as Bemus, Dies Organorum, Budva Theatre City, within the Cycle of Concerts at Studio 6, Lasciar Vibrare in Students CIty Cultural Centre (DKSG), BUNT, at the opening ceremony of Jeuness Musicales, Mokranjcevi dani… It has made numerous recordings for radio and television programs and is
now preparing three CD releases.

« String Orchestra Metamorphosis is a well-trained ensemble with agile and, in terms of
sound, steady parts…The ensemble has established an excellent balance between parts,
carefully playing long lines that were aiming to the end of phrases.”
Radoš Mitrović, music critic
(Radio Belgrade 2, Ars sonora, May, 2016)