Sasa Mirković

Saša Mirković, who was called by critics the best Serbian Violist and Charismatic Artist Full of Enthusiasm is active as a soloist, chamber and orchestra musician, as well as educator and concert organizer. His repertoire ranges from classical to contemporary music. Either when performing solo or with his Ensemble Metamorphosis.

Born in Čačak in 1980, he attended the School for Music Talents in Ćuprija, after which he graduated from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. His professors were artists and educators Petar Ivanović, Panta Veličković, Đerđ Zazrović, Tomislav Milošević and Dejan Mlađenović. As a soloist and chamber musician, he attended master classes with Ognyan Stanchev, Ivo-Jan van der Werff, members of the New Helsinki Quartet and The Medici Quartet. He was a member and principal viola of the Norwegian Youth Orchestra (Elverum), the German-Scandinavian Orchestra (Berlin), and the World Youth Peace Orchestra (Stockholm). During his studies, he won many first and special prizes, including special awards for performing contemporary music. Among the awards is also the premium in competition Talents for the 21 st century, in Slovakia, thanks to which he performed as a soloist with the Slovak Chamber Orchestra under the direction of the violinist Bogdan Varhala.

The extensive concert activity of Saša Mirković includes performing at all the most important classical music festivals in Serbia (Bemus, International Review of composers, KoMA BUNT…) but also performing at prestigious halls throughout Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong (Carnegie Hall, New York Philharmonic, Walt
Disney Hall, Sydney Opera House, Santa Cecilia, Palau de la Música, Barbican, Pleyel…).

As a soloist he performed with ARTE Ensemble, Belgrad Philharmonic Orchestra, Belgrade Chamber Orchestra Ljubica Marić, Belgrade Strings Orchestra Dušan Skovran; Schlesinger Chamber Orchestra, Serbian Army Symphony Orchestra Stanislav Binički, the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Southeast Europe, Chamber Orchestra of the University of Kragujevac, No Borders Orchestra, Nis Symphony Orchestra, Slovak Chamber Orchestra, Slovak Sinfonietta. He also was a member of Kontradance and Kon-trast quartets.

In 2005 he founded and ever since is an artistic director of the Ensemble Metamorphosis, with which he had numerous impressive performances.

He made various recordings for national and international broadcasting networks. Mirković is professor of viola at the Faculty of Philology and Arts in Kragujevac. Dedicated to the study and interpretation of the music of contemporary authors. Mirković premiered over 80 solo, chamber and concerto works for viola. Among the authors who dedicated their works to Saša Mirković are: Aleksandra Vrebalov, Peter Mahajdik, Airat Ichmouratov, Svetlana Savić, Dragana Jovanović, Zoran Erić, Nataša Bogojević, Ana Gnjatović, , Branka Popović, Draško Adžić, Ivana Stefanović, Milorad Marinković, Stevan Kovach Tickmayer, Vuk Kulenović, Aleksandar Sedlar, Jasna Veljanović, Vladimir Korać, Marko Aleksić, Vladimir Trmčić…

As musicologist and editor of Radio Belgrade 2, Ksenija Stevanović, stated in her review of the concert season (Politika, Culture supplement, December 2016):

“Last year was marked in our great and tireless performing enthusiasm of violist Saša Mirković who has
in collaboration with accordionist Vladimir Bogojević or with his own Ensemble Metamorphosis, almost “alone against all”, contributed the work of local authors to live in concert stages, by playing twenty-four premieres and orders of our most active contemporary composers, such as Svetlana Savić, Branka Popović, and others.”

In just over a month, Mirković is at the highest level held three diverse and challenging projects. Concert of music for solo viola Nach Bach +1 gathered works of contemporary authors inspired by Bach’s suite for solo cello.

Through the New concert music for viola and accordion, cooperation between Mirković and Vladimir
Bogojević and the promotion of achievements written for this particular duo went successfully on.

In January 2017; Saša Mirković was declared the winner of “Music Classics” rewards for 2016, in the category of
Male soloist for the year. Same year Sasa received the award by Serbian Association of Composers “Aleksandar Pavlovic” for the best performing and presentation of Serbian Contemporary music.