MDR Symphony Orchestra Leipzig and Pavel Šporcl

« Out of this world…It has been a long time since the audience were as enthusiastic as at this concert…the Czech star violinist Pavel Sporcl tore the audience from their seats, cheering…at the cadence of the first movement you could hear a pin drop…the audience were so under his spell, then […]

Pavel Sporcl’s « Paganiniana » in « theartsdesk »

… the Caprice No. 24, performed with a lightness of touch, Šporcl’s flexibility of tempo making the piece sound as if it’s being improvised. To read more click here Read Pavel Šporcl’a First Person for theartsdesk on Paganini and the Czech tradition

Pavel Šporcl’s new album « Paganiniana »

« Mount Everest of Violin Repertoire »Works for Solo Violin – Paganini, Ernst, Schnittke, Milstein, Schnittke… During Paganini´s lifetime (1782–1840), there were rumors that Paganini had sold his soul to the Devil. His violin technique was so astonishing, his performance style so exuberant and his appearance so, well, demonic that there could […]

Pavel Šporcl – violin

 » excellent intonation, a brilliant technique and bow-arm, a colorful sound with wide-ranging variety, and a flashy, tireless energy… » He is a unique artist…  » – The New York concert review about Pavel’s last concert in Carnegie Hall The most distinctive member of the young generation of Czech violinists, “the […]

Pavel Šporcl & his Gipsy Way ensemble

Pavel  Šporcl and his Gipsy Way ensemble (cimbalom, viola, double-bass) offer a truly extraordinary concert,  not only due to these superlative musicians combining their forces but also the repertoire and the atmosphere on the stage and in the auditorium alike.  Pavel Šporcl steps out with zest from the domain of classical […]

Pavel Sporcl

Pavel Sporcl and Blue Christmas in Liverpool Philharmonic

A beautiful Blue Christmas is the order of these late December days thanks to world famous Czech musician Pavel Sporcl with his unique blue violin…  This year Pavel is the special guest and what a gift he is. This annual concert exudes warmth and atmosphere and he contributes greatly. But […]

New video in the Strad!

This may just be the finest account of Mendelssohn’s E minor Concerto that I have heard’ writes Musical Opinions’s Guy Rickards of the star Czech violinist’s performance with the English Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Kenneth Woods. The Strad calls it ‘stunning’. Here is the video